Engage is giving the user the ability to create their own customer segments. The function is found under the menu Segment and create Segment.

From this menu their is a possibility the select the different traits of interest, the following is available by today.

  • Country -> [List of all the available countries within the customer data]
  • City -> [List of all available cities within the customer data]
  • Currency -> [List of all available currencies within the customer data] 
  • Returning customer -> [Yes, No]
  • Total Spend -> Customer's Total spend
  • First purchase -> The date of the customer making initial purchase
  • Last Purchase -> The date of the customer making last purchase

Engage offers functionality for combining as many traits as needed and also to select the logical operator to be used when combining, meaning [AND, OR].

The circle diagram on the right hand side will show the user the percentage of customers that will be included in the created segment.

Once done with adding traits, the user will have the opportunity to save the segment to be used for analytics or in market related activities.

Note: Once a segment is saved, it will be re-calculated every night, this means that customers will be added or removed based on the added logic for the segment.