Step 1

Download and install the engage app from Shopify marketplace.

Step 2

Connect to engage backend service by clicking connect and select the email and password to be used.

Step 3

Click "Create Recommendation Block" to start the design process of the product recommendation block.

Step 4

Select one of the template to be used as a starting point when designing the recommendation block.

Step 5

Use the engage designer to get the "look and feel" that you would like for your recommendation block.

Step 6

When you feel satisfied with the design, click save and give your design a name.

Step 7

Your created design will be saved in the list along with all previously created designs.

Step 8

Select the design that you would like to display in storefront by clicking the button "Place".

Step 9

Copy the code by clicking "copy code".

Step 10

Activate the recommendations by clicking the button "Enable Recommendations"


Step 11

Insert the code into the template at the position you would like the recommendations to be displayed.

Go to Online Store -> Themes


Click on actions and select edit code


Select the template you would like to update


Add the code snippet at the position where you would like it to be displayed.

Recommendations placed on top of the product page

Recommendations placed at the bottom of the product page

Step 12

Press preview to make sure that everything looks good before saving.

Step 13

Repeat step 10-11 for all pages where you would like to display the designed recommendation block. If you would like another design for other pages, please start from step 3 and create an additional design.

Step 14