Engage offers a responsive deign engine the easily let you design the recommendation blocks to fit with you store theme 

General parameters

1. The top menu holds three actions,

A) New - This option will bring user back to selecting a template

B) Save - This option will give the user an option to save the design

C) Product(s) - This option will let the user decide on the number of products to be used in the recommendations

2. Select the font to be used in all text within the recommendation block, this can of course be altered on the detail level if the user would like to use different fonts on different text blocks.

3. Set the "Title" to be displayed along with the products, common texts are "Other people also liked..." or "You may also like..."

Design - Product level

To start to design on a product level, select the first product

4. The menu that is displayed under the product is used to control the full block and the components included like, image, title, price and buttons. 

Next step is to design each feature within the product, image, title, price and button.

5. By clicking the image a manu above will open up that gives the user the possibility to select size, placement, padding, margin, etc.

6. By clicking the price a menu is open that gives the user the opportunity to make changes to the display of the price.. The same could be done for the title or button by clicking one of these objects.

7. In each menu that has been described above there is also an option to access a more detailed menu. The menu will look the same for all the object, so make sure that you open it up for the object you would like to change.

Once done with the design, just press save and give the design a name. 

If any issues or questions, please reach out to us using [email protected]