1. Start the process of designing your product recommendation blocks by pressing “create recommendation block”

2. Select the template to be used as a baseline when designing your recommendations block

3.  Use the engage designer to get the "look and feel" that you would like for your recommendation block.

4. When you feel satisfied with the design, click save and give your design a name.

5. Your designed recommendation block will be added to your list of previously made designs.

6. For each page, select the position to be used and the recommendation block to be applied. Once done with all the pages, press save and the recommendation blocks will be deployed to your store.

7. Visit you store and make sure that the design fulfills your expectations

8. In case the display is not what you expected, just revisit the module and edit your recommendation block

9. In case of display issues, please check the position and the order of the engage module

10. Sit back, relax and let engage present your customers with personalized product recommendations.

If you experience any issue during the process or have any questions, the engage team is ready to support you. Please contact us an using [email protected]